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Reine Duell Bethany's Short Stories

Letter to Bondyè. A story of unveiled encounter with God in a Haitian slum.

Letter to Bondyè
By Reine Duell Bethany
            Bondyè, Today I have become a thing unheard of: I have become your Divine Horse.
             I cannot explain what has happened—why I am so certain it is you who possessed me and not one of theloas.It is presumption beyond words to imagine contact with you, the single God who directs all theloas. Furthermore, you did not possess me during

Better than a Ghost Story

Better than a Ghost Story by Reine Bethany              

“Tell the truth, Firinne. Feer-inna, what a weird name,” said Stephanie. “Anyway, you never tell anything but the truth, so let’s hear it: Do you think you’ll be beautiful?”          
           Stephanie had cruelly guessed aright: rock-steady Firinne had her soft spot. Firinne’s gray eyes dropped to the pine needles coating the campground.

Illumina's Moment -- the arrival and inevitable departure of a unique friend

                “Elaine,”said her father gently. “Talk to me.”
                Her mother took a small step toward her in the shallow foam, aching to help but reluctant to intrude. Elaine kept her face toward the waves—outsized waves,powered to unusual height by the storm blowing toward Nag’s Head from the Gulf. If she could wash her ears in their sound a few moments longer, she would gain strength to speak.


by Reine Duell Bethany
                “Do you notice something about this whole scene, LaNeesha?” said Imani irritably.
                “Girl, I notice a lot of colorful signs and people in wizard clothes.” LaNeesha gazed about, enraptured. Across the vast convention center floor, crystal balls sparkled on tables beside packs of tarot cards and shiny-jacketed astrology books.

Wordy Day in ISS -- triumph for a troubled 13-year-old girl

Wordy Day in ISS
 byReine D. Bethany
                “Shall I relieve you? I’m an unoccupied sub.”
                Mrs.Carter stared gratefully at the bony face. “Would you please?”
                “No!”shouted the girls.
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