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Trump: "Take the Oil" -- Now I am Truly Upset

Until this morning, I was not aware of not-my-president Trump's comments to the CIA on Saturday morning (1/21/17), the day after he was sworn in as U.S. president. In these comments, which are public record, he said offhandedly that "we" -- the United States -- should have "taken the oil" when we left Iraq in 2011. Had we done so, he claims, then ISIS, which took over oil fields in Syria and Iraq, could not fund itself by selling oil.
     Why is Trump not demanding to know who is buying oil from ISIS and putting pressure on those entities to stop?

Trump in Himself Is Not the Issue

     Four days after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, political anger is engulfing our nation. Massive protests occurred on Inauguration Day; 400,000 Trump opposers descended on Washington DC the day after inauguration, joined by several million more across the United States and around the world, protesting Trump's presidency. All this protestation has brought us -- what?
     These raucous activities are signs of a nation focusing far too much on
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