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The Urge to Kill Uses Anything as an Excuse

I am praying for everyone in the Orlando tragedy (on June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen murdered 49 people in the Orlando gay club Pulse and wounded 53 others before killing himself; he identified himself with the Islamic State shortly before he did so).
     Despite the gunman's personal journey toward identifying with the Islamic State, I don't really think his actions had any more to do with homosexuals or religion than Adam Lanza's had to do with first graders and their teachers when he murdered 26 of them at Newton, CT in December 2012, or the shooter's in Aurora, CO who targeted theater-goers in a movie theater, or the young man's in 2007 when he killed 32 students and teachers at Virginia Tech.
     Some people want an excuse to kill. Like Mateen, who was a security guard, these people may be attracted to jobs that give them access to guns.
     According to the New York Times, Mateen used the same gun as did Adam Lanza, and the couple in San Bernardino, CA, who murdered 14 of the husband's co-workers. It's an AR-15 type assault rifle, originally designed for military use -- specifically for the taking of human life, useless for anything else.
     I agree with all the voices saying that we really do have to move forward with gun control. At the least, ban a rifle that can so easily kill so many people within moments.
    The man in Sweden who killed about 85 people, most of them teens at a Christian retreat, in July 2011, identified as a Christian. His actions had nothing to do with Christianity. Why doesn't society recognize that every group of humans has a percentage of very disturbed people in it and that sensible controls have to be enacted to keep weapons of mass murder out of their hands?

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