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What DID Jesus do?

     Did Jesus levitate? Surely the answer would be yes -- After all, he walked on water, right?
     Did Jesus seek publicity? He must have, mustn't he? After all, who doesn't know the name of Jesus and (roughly) who he is?
     Did Jesus make up songs, write smash-hit dramas, or build still-existing monuments? Did he lead armies to world-famous victories and re-draw international borders?
     Anybody reading these questions will know intuitively that the answer to all of them is no. Jesus did none of these things, although they are are the types of activities for which the average world-renowned historical figure can take credit.
     Conversely, everyone has heard that Jesus did miracles of healing, that he fed thousands with a few fish and some small loaves of bread, and that he was executed in a manner favored by Roman oppressors -- nailed to a large wooden cross.
     But these general, broad details leave out the intimate, daily details that actually made Jesus's earthly life so world-changing. It is those details that I explore in my Shu Factor series. Along the way, I also explore family life, the meaning of church membership and gang membership, the compelling necessity for young people to define their life's work, and subsurface, earth-shaking changes caused by people of all ages who choose good over evil.

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