Reine Duell Bethany - Author and Illustrator
Feb. 20, 2017: Today I joined a rally at Central Park West and W. 61st St., Manhattan. Here is a picture of me holding the poster I made using my Lady Liberty Calls a Meeting with Trump cartoon. The rally gave me the satisfaction of publicly yelling out my feelings about Donald Trump's actions before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election.

Feb. 17, 2017: Expressing my feelings toward Donald Trump's immigration stance -- the smaller image is updated from the larger one of 12.30.16 to reflect the change from President-Elect to President. I made a poster of this to use in a demonstration.

The Shu Factor is currently a trilogy, with further books planned. Book One,
War of the Roads, is completely finished -- publisher info to come. Books Two and Three, already written but still in the revision phase, will follow. Below is my design idea for the book's cover. The drawing is mine.

War of the Roads Description
     Tryphena Simon has a bizarre first name. She also has three piercings in each ear, a gold ring in her left eyebrow, a fresh zircon belly bar, and an appointment to get beat into a street gang. What could be bad?
     Okay, her glutinous fourth-grade brother who keeps blurting her secrets – that’s not so good. Her control-freak, octopus-handed father who won’t even get her a smart phone – that’s pretty dark. Her wine-soaked, scorpion-tongued mother – that’s just ugly.
     But so what? Tryph is about to rove new territory with the Marine Avenue Disciples. Her life is all set . . . except that Shu, this generic-looking new guy in the sophomore class, keeps showing up. Not that he’s interested in Tryph. He’s just, like, around. And when he’s around, Tryph finds herself dodging razor-sharp dust clouds on the moon, fleeing predatory motorcyclists in a back alley in Rome, and doing totally uncharacteristic things – like getting an A-minus in English and (even weirder) telling the truth.
     Who on earth is this kid named Shu?

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